The Psychology of Cosmetic Dentistry Work

We all suspect that how we look makes a difference in our lives. Think of the days when everything is going fine - that's a day you're feeling good and probably looking good.

In our teens, looks are everything. But as we get older, we tend to take our appearance for granted, and rely instead on our skills and professional competence to make up for any "cosmetic" imperfections.

Well, "cosmetic" is more than skin deep. We form very real biases about the people around us, even as adults, based on the simple fact of appearance. And the most critical factor in such judgments, according to copious research, is the teeth.

Yes, women are concerned about shape, as men are impressed by height. But everyone reacts the same to a healthy, beautiful smile. Whether we like it or not, people with straight white teeth are perceived to be more honest, more productive, more out-going, trusting, successful - you name it - than their counterparts with a missing tooth or broken teeth.

Your dentist has seen this psychology at work. For his or her patients, children and adults alike, cosmetic dentistry has made a tangible improvement not just in smiles, but in the quality of lives. A smile enhanced by restorative dentistry brings dramatic changes - changes more than "skin deep."

With new materials and techniques - tooth bonding, teeth bleaching, dental veneers, invisible braces - your cosmetic dentist is excited about the "magic" he or she can make. They've seen self-esteem grow before their eyes. Your dentist can help you look good, feel good, and get on with a healthy, vital life. Cosmetic dentistry? Go for it!

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